Welcome to KI 2013


From Research to Innovation and Practical Applications

36th Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Koblenz, September 16-20, 2013

KI 2013 has been an exciting conference with many interesting discussions. We would like to thank all the participants, authors, workshop organizers, and reviewers for making KI 2013 a success. As a highlight we hold three inspiring keynotes by internationally well known experts in different fields of AI: Gerhard Weiss, Raul Rojas, and Catholijn Jonker - thanks for your great talks. Finally, we would like to thank the local organization at University of Koblenz for hosting this conference. We hope to see you at next years KI-conference!

Ingo J. Timm (General Chair)
Matthias Thimm (Local Chair)
on behalf of the organizing committee 

For Best Paper Award have been nominated:

  • Move Prediction in Go - Modelling Feature Interactions Using Latent Factors - Martin Wistuba & Lars Schmidt-Thieme
  • Contraction Hierarchies on Grid Graphs - Sabine Storandt
  • Parallel Variable Elimination on CNF Formulas - Norbert Manthey & Kilian Gebhardt

The Award went to Sabine Storandt

The proceedings are available as Springer LNAI 8077:

Timm, I.J.; Thimm, KI 2013: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013

About the Main Conference

KI 2013 is the 36th edition of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, which traditionally brings together academic and industrial researchers from all areas of AI. The technical program of KI 2013 will comprise paper and poster presentations and a variety of workshops and tutorials.

KI 2013 will take place in Koblenz, Germany, September 16th-20th, 2013, and is a premier forum for exchanging news and research results on theory and applications of intelligent system technology. The conference is organized by the Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence of the German Informatics Society. KI 2013 is co-located with Informatik 2013 (Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society), the 11th MATES 2013 (German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies), and the 4th JAWS (Joint Agent Workshops in Synergy).
The conference invites original research papers from all areas of AI, its fundamentals, its algorithms, its history and its applications.

  • Areas of interest include, but are not limited to
  • Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, Reasoning and Ontologies
  • Combinatorial Search, Configuration, Design and Deduction
  • Natural Language Processing, Statistical NLP, Semantics
  • Planning and Scheduling; Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
  • Reasoning under Uncertainty, Probabilistic Inferences
  • Non-Monotonic Reasoning and Default Logics
  • Constraint Satisfaction, Processing and Programming
  • Embodied AI: Robotics, Vision and Perception
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval, Semantic Search, Semantic Web
  • Evolutionary and Neural Computation
  • Machine Learning, Computational Learning Theory and Data-Mining
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Game Playing and Interactive Entertainment, AI for Graphics
  • Game Theory and General Game Playing, Generalized Intelligence
  • AI for Human-Computer-Interaction and Adaptive Communication
  • Mobile Solutions with Textile, Semantic and Spatial Media
  • Augmented Reality, Smart Cities, Smart Traffic, Smart Hardware
  • Assistance Systems in Living and Working Environments
  • Software-Engineering, Model Checking and Security in AI
  • Distributed Computation and Swarm Intelligence
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Cognitive Modelling, AI and Psychology
  • History and Philosophical Foundations of AI
  • Applications including Logistics, Production and Health Care

We especially welcome application papers and posters providing novel insights on the interplay of AI and the real world, as well as papers that bring useful computational technologies from other areas of computer science into AI. The proceedings will be published with Springer as LNAI volume 8077.

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MATES 2013

Virtual Goods & ODRL 2013

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Main Organizers of KI 2013 

Ingo J. Timm (General Chair, Univ. Trier)

Matthias Thimm (Local Chair, Univ. Koblenz-Landau)

Ute Schmid (Workshop Chair, Univ. Bamberg)

Jürgen Sauer (Tutorial Chair, Univ. Oldenburg)

Stefan Kirn (Industry Chair, Univ. Hohenheim)

Andreas D. Lattner (Doctoral Consortium Chair, Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt)


General Chair and Contact 

Prof. Dr. Ingo J. Timm

University of Trier

54286 Trier


Important Dates

KI Conference: 16.-20.9.2013

Annual Meeting of the GI-SIG Artificial Intelligence (19.09.2013 18:30) Location: D.239


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