Doctoral Consortium

The technical program of presentations, workshops, and tutorials of the German Conference of Artificial Intelligence (KI 2013) is complemented by a doctoral consortium that invites participation by PhD students at any stage and from any subject area within AI. This year's doctoral consortium of the KI 2013 is organized as a joint doctoral consortium with the Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society (INFORMATIK 2013). It is held from September 16-17, 2013 in Koblenz, Germany. The aim of the doctoral consortium is

  • to provide PhD students with the opportunity to present their ongoing research and receive feedback from established researchers,
  • to promote networking among PhD students and AI researchers in general, both on a national and an international level and
  • to support students with advice on academic, research, and industrial careers.

Additionally to the presentation of ongoing research in talks or poster presentations, the doctoral consortium is implemented as a student mentoring program that introduces students to senior researchers in the relevant fields.

Schedule of the doctoral consortium (tentative)

  • Mon, 16.09.2013, 09:00-17:30: Workshop addressing PhD related topics (part 1) Location K.107
  • Tue, 17.09.2013, 09:00-10:30: Workshop addressing PhD related topics (part 2) Location K.107
  • Tue, 17.09.2013, 11:00-17:30: Paper session Location K.107
  • Tue, 17.09.2013, lunch time: Mentoring
  • Tue, 17.09.2013, from 19:00: Poster session (location: central pavillion)

For further information about the doctoral consortium please check the INFORMATIK 2013 webpages:

Organization of the joint doctoral consortium

  • Ansgar Scherp, University of Mannheim (co-organizer INFORMATIK 2013)
  • Hannes Frey, University of Koblenz-Landau (co-organizer INFORMATIK 2013)
  • Ingo Schmitt, Technical University Cottbus (co-organizer INFORMATIK 2013)
  • Andreas D. Lattner, Goethe University Frankfurt (co-organizer KI 2013) 


Andreas D. Lattner, Goethe University Frankfurt (lattner //at//

Important Dates

KI Conference: 16.-20.9.2013

Annual Meeting of the GI-SIG Artificial Intelligence (19.09.2013 18:30) Location: D.239


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